Benefits for the Hospital

  • Much needed revenue for the bottom line
  • An independent assessment of systems and procedures
  • Recommendations on how to improve productivity
  • Feedback on GPO and local contract usage
  • Information on problem vendors
  • Benchmarking for payment and process
  • Assistance on problem vendor meetings

Benefits for the Material Manager

  • Contract usage and compliance
  • Information on which products are not covered by GPO or local
  • Assistance in cleansing the hospitals item master
  • Non stock purchasing information
  • Verify vendor pricing accuracy
  • Potential future cost reductions
  • Benchmarking

Benefits for the CFO

  • An independent assessment of accounts payable
  • Benchmarking for both the payables department and purchasing
  • Feedback on GPO and local contract compliance
  • Valuable dollars regained go directly to the bottom line
  • Vendor analysis information
  • Payment analysis information

Benefits for Accounts Payable

  • Verify payment accuracy
  • Identification of duplicate vendors
  • Assistance with problem vendors
  • Benchmarking
  • Item master cleansing
  • Tax training
  • Vendor payment analysis
  • Payment analysis information

Medicare Part A Sales Tax Recovery

Medical Devices

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