Recovery Auditing

Through a combination of human resources and advanced proprietary technologies, Contract Management Strategies has the answer to identifying and recovering your companies expense dollars lost to vendor overcharges.

Overpayments occur at virtually every facility. Most companies do not have the time or the resources to mount the detailed investigation required to recover such overpayments.

Common Overpayment Types

  • Unrealized credit for rebates or returned goods
  • Duplicate or misdirected payments
  • Product pricing errors
  • Sales Tax overpayments
  • Freight charges paid in error
  • Missed discounts
  • Trade-in allowances

Contract Management Strategies can perform an Accounts Payable Recovery Audit for your organization with no up-front cost that, on average, will help your organization recover thousands of erroneous charges and overpayments. Along with a complete and thorough audit, CMS will provide you with clear and precise documentation to substantiate and support all overpayment claims.

With no risk and no up-front costs, you can't afford not to recover lost funds.

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Medicare Part A Sales Tax Recovery

Medical Devices

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